Frequency Converter. Industrial Frequency converter. Static frequency converter. 50 to 60Hz , 50 to 400Hz.

 AED 34,000
Location: UAE » Dubai
March 7, 2017
We offer frequency converter from 10kVA to 200kVA. Frequency Converters are designed to use for special applications and to work at hard industrial conditions. We offer Static frequency converters. Frequency converter is produced with PWM and IGBT technologies;

1) Double conversion and PWM technology with pure sinewave output.
2) Galvanic Isolation.
3) IGBT Technology with sinewave output.
4) Emergency close switch connection.
5) User friendly front panel (5 button and LCD indicator ), detailed information.
6) Availability to do the adjustment of parameters through front panel.
7) Microprocessor controlled main , rectifier and optional parallel boards.
8) History log of 64 events, calendar and time indicators.
9) High performance at non-linear loads.
10) Testing of the communication contacts via simulation.
11) Dial-up modem connection (on AT Command set).
12) Remote monitoring via network.
13) SNMP compatibility.
14) Low input harmonic distortion and increased pf with optional THCDL version.
15) High Efficiency.
16) Production according to the CE and ISO9001.
17) Low installation and operating cost.


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