Kasparo- amazing table with resin river and LED technology comes alive when person enters the room

 AED 5,000
Location: UAE » Dubai  » Dubailand
June 7, 2016
10+ years
Used on a daily basis since purchased
Brand new
The Company currently produce dining tables Kasparo I but will soon be selling a whole range of designer furniture. They have become one of the most exciting furniture companies of 2016

Kasparo is pleased to announce their new designer dining tables are now available to view and buy on their website. The dining tables with Resin River and LED animation make any room stand out.

The company has brought a new meaning to interior design with their come to life dining tables. The design of the dining table does not only make it the talking point of the room but is also brings relaxation with the waterfall effect.

The stylish design company does not mass-produce their furniture items, and all items are hand made, each has number. One table one tree. As a customer You will receive a certificate which confirms that a tree has been planted thanks to You, with details of the location and a possibility to visit and see the planted tree yourself.

To learn more about the dining tables and to learn more about future products from Kasparo, please visit

Product is a technological step into the future in comparison to conventional tables available currently on the market. The intelligence hidden inside which allows discrete interaction with the user makes it truly unique. The table can detect presence of any person with proximity sensors hidden from the user. It can also react to touch, by knocking sequence programmed by user.