Power Plate My5 Vibration Plate - Silver - half original price and hardly used

 AED 9,000
Location: UAE » Dubai  » Dubai
August 30, 2015
1-2 years
Brand new
Approx. 3000 GBP to buy in UK or 18,000 AED - new

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The Power Plate my5 allows you to achieve the ultimate experience in whole body acceleration training in your own home. Not only do three 30-minute powerplate workouts a week fit into your lifestyle, the sleek design, user friendly settings and remote control help the Power Plate my5 fit neatly into your home or private gym setting.

Thanks to Advanced Vibration Technology - the science behind Power Plate machines - the my5 provides a revolutionary, low-stress exercise and rehabilitation solution. Featuring three different frequency options, you can customise the plate to your individual needs while the large platform gives you more room to move. This gives you the freedom to explore more exercise options and benefit from increased exposure to vibrations. Thanks to its DualSyncT Twin Motor System, precise balance is maintained at any level, maximising your muscle response.

Designed with convenience in mind, the large console display features a simple menu structure including Quick Start programmes so that even the inexperienced user can get started straightaway. Your time and frequency can be set individually and the controls remain within easy reach, even when you're performing exercises whilst sitting or lying down. Alternatively, you can use the handy remote control for added convenience.

Backed by its MDD (Medical Devices Directive) certification, Power Plate's vibration technology continues to lead the industry due to its proven capabilities. Using the my5 for whole body acceleration training, you can experience a host of benefits including improved blood circulation, increased muscle strength, bone mineral density, flexibility, motion and faster recovery.