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February 25, 2017
Brand New
Brand new
• Secure and Reliable Worldwide Satellite Connectivity: Using Iridium LEO Satellite architecture, tracks and monitors assets and individuals anywhere in the world with field-proven and affordable satellite connectivity

• Compact and Tough: C1D2 and IP67-rated lightweight and ergonomic design with battery sharing capability, making it suitable for long-term use in virtually all environments

• Individual Component Design Forming a Flexible Solution: Consists of a satellite tracker unit that can operate as a standalone device, an optional smartphone holder and a detachable antenna, offering a seamless user experience. The antenna can be removed to connect Personal Tracker to an external antenna, for example to track vehicles.

• Powerful Asset Monitoring Tool for Total Visibility of People and Assets, Worldwide: full-featured tracking and monitoring technology facilitates viewing of your workforce and assets in a standard web browser; data feeds can also be integrated into custom enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions

• Two-way Communication: Quickly locate and communicate with team members based on geolocation and status, and send/receive messages directly to/ from other devices without going through central command server

• Dedicated Device and App-Based Alert/POI Buttons: Dedicated device alert button to quickly warn others about potential dangers / hazards, plus an app-based Point-of- Interest (POI) button to easily add POIs to shared maps and indicate safe/ unsafe areas

• Interactive SOS App: SOS alerts can be initiated either via the Personal Tracker SOS switch or via the smartphone app. With the device and smartphone separate but within Bluetooth range, the SOS alert can be initiated by both. SOS acknowledgement can be shown on the smartphone screen and via the Personal Tracker’s LED.

• Flexible Configuration Options: Can be adjusted and configured either over the air or via smartphone; instantly change reporting rate and wakeup interval using smartphone.

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