“4 of our Students accepted in two BIG Schools in DUBAI” - Nihao Language Training

December 18, 2014
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Learning is a never ending path for those who are striving to achieve something and it goes along with well-planned teaching. For every hard work and effort that was exerted will have a sweet reward in the end. This is the journey of our four students who came from China and started their training at Nihao.

They are all considered beginner and without any background in English. There were so many obstacles along the way as the students cannot easily understand what was explained by the teachers. There were days that they do not come to class and they resisted in all activities but because of the patience and hard work of the teachers and administrators of Nihao they were able to improve a lot in fact the progress they showed was enormous and really positive. There were times that what was discussed was easily forgotten by the students, but together with the teachers they keep on striving and doing their best in all their lessons, until bit by bit these students showed improvement not only in their academic skills but also in their character formation. They are like planted seeds which shows progress of growing every day, given that the right amount of patience, love and teaching were given to them.

They were able to undergo series of interviews and examinations, and we are all very glad to see how they improve so much although the path is still long for there are so many things that they need to learn and understand and this journey will continue until all of them will be able to stand on their own.

The support and cooperation of the parents was also greatly supported the progress of the students for without them these kids will not achieve the positive improvement that they have now.

For every journey that transcends will eventually come to a close for us it’s a sweet success having the four students being accepted in two big schools in Dubai. The roads that we all took were rough but we rather had this road and achieved the successful destination at the end of it.

It is an achievement not only for the Institute and the parents of these students but more so in putting our mission and vision into reality. We at Nihao Language Training will continue to help students in their journey to success.
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