Business News, UAE - Smart Life Selected as the First Major NGO Partner for Sage Foundation in the UAE/Middle East

July 31, 2016
UAE » Dubai  » Al Qusais
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Sage is introducing its innovative 2+2+2 community model across UAE

Sage, the market leader for integrated accounting, payroll and payment systems, has selected the first recipient in the Middle East to partner with through Sage Foundation – a global initiative to transform lives by investing time, money, expertise and technology in local communities around the world.
A collaboration with SmartLife, an NGO based in Dubai, is the first major initiative for Sage Foundation in UAE.
Reggie Fernandes, Vice President – Sage X3 and Regional Director Sage Middle East, today along with volunteers from Sage visited SmartLife—an NGO that helps enhance potential and thus improve the quality of lives of blue collar workers in Dubai.
The various SmartLife projects comprises Sapna for education of children of blue collar workers; SmartMeditation which teaches yoga and breathing techniques; SmartReading in line with the government's initiative to promote reading; SmartSkills workshop which focuses on training in MEP and other similar skills; SmartCup, a cricket tournament with teams comprising a mix of blue and white collar workers; SmartIdol helps bring out artistic talents; and SmartMedic focusing on health and wellbeing.
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