Handwriting & Calligraphy Classes

May 17, 2014
UAE » Dubai
Intelligent students lose precious marks because of their bad handwriting as teachers cannot read properly what they have written. This can have a negative effect on the students results, their merit, admission into better colleges and ultimately their future. Introducing our Handwriting Workshops. We conduct handwriting courses which is designed for improving students' handwriting permanently Ours is not a 'One-Size-Fits-All' class which just moves along with a daily quota of activity in mind, but it's a completely individualized program which keeps the capacity of the individual student in mind. We move at the speed of each child so she/he understands & learns each step at her/ his own pace. This results in comfortable, permanent learning. Technically we teach proper pen & hand positions, proper writing posture, cursive capitals, standard connections, zones, baseline effects, forward slants & other techniques designed to maximize handwriting improvement. For further details Contact Expert & Professional Trainer Mini Gouri 0504227412
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