Learn C++ Using QT from Experts of MCTC Dubai

October 8, 2018
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Do you want to change your flow of programming capacities via an attractive GUI?.. QT helps you for writing web-enabled applications for desktop, mobile, and embedded operating systems, if you are not an expert in C++ also.
Our course content includes:
• Introduction to C++ and QT.
• How to Install Qt Creator IDE
• Qt GUI widget
• Qt Signal and slots
• QMessageBox
• Layouts in QT (Horizontal, Vertical, Grid and Form)
• Spacers, Splitter, Buddy and Tabs
• How to Show Another Window From Main Window
• Simple Login app using QT
• Displaying image using label in Qt
• QStatusBar
• Resource Collection Files (.qrc)
• Use QLineEdit as password field
• Qt Stylesheets and using HTML
• QAction, QMenu, QToolBar
• QListWidget
• QFile,QFileDialog
• QPrintDialog and QPrinter
• QColorDialog
• Simple Application – NotePad
• Database Operation
• How to Send and Receive JSON Requests in Qt
• Remote Database using API.
• Basic and Advanced Animation with the QGraphicsItem
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