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October 31, 2018
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Do you want to automate your routine tasks and customize Excel UI?..Enroll with MCTC Dubai and learn on your schedule, with affordable fees, from well qualified and highly experienced trainers!.VBA, which stands for Visual Basic for Applications, is a programming language developed by Microsoft. Excel, along with the other members of Microsoft Office 2003, includes the VBA language (at no extra charge). In a nutshell, VBA is the tool that people use to develop programs that control Excel.
During our training, we will cover:
• Automating repetitive operations
• Automating a task you perform frequently
• Inserting a text string
• Automating repetitive operations
• Creating a custom command
• Creating a custom toolbar button
• Creating a custom menu command
• Creating a simplified front end
• Developing new worksheet functions
• Creating complete, macro-driven applications
• Creating custom add-ins for excel
The VBA Language
• Simple Input & Output
• Variables & Data Types
• VBA & Worksheet Functions
• Object Type Variables
• Branching: IF…THEN
• Branching: SELECT…CASE
• Looping: DO…LOOP
• Looping: FOR…NEXT
• Looping: FOR…EACH
• User-Defined Functions
• Variable Scope
• Error Handling
Launching Macros: Events & Shortcuts
• Macro Launching Shortcuts
• Modifying the Ribbon
• Workbook & Worksheet Events
• Application Events
• Project 2 – Event Handling
• Launching Macros: Events & Shortcuts
Modifying the User Interface
• Enhanced Message Box
• ActiveX & The Worksheet (No Code)
• ActiveX & The Worksheet (With Code)
• Basic User Forms
• Project 3 – User Forms & ActiveX
• Modifying the User Interface
Object-Oriented Programming
• Classes and Objects
• Creating classes
• Creating and Destroying Objects
• Create methods
• Create property
• Validation data using property
• The default properties and methods
• Error handling in the classroom
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