Python advanced course in Dubai @ MCTC Dubai

November 1, 2018
UAE » Dubai  » Deira
Are you looking for advanced python programming from an expert instructor in Dubai?...MCTC Dubai welcome you to an efficient, face to face practical oriented training with affordable fees, flexible timings. We have proven experience in professional training for both school students as well as professionals all over the UAE. Free demo is available with us. Enroll today with MCTC Dubai, located in Deira, Dubai and enhance your programming skills quickly with the help of highly experienced trainers!.
During our course, we will cover the following topics:
• Introduction to python
• Overview of basic concepts in python
• Working with GUI Development
• working with buttons
• System Programming with Python
• System & OS
• Python's OS Module
• Python System Administration
• remote system administration using python
• Reading and Writing Files in Python
• Subprocess and Shell Commands in Python
• Using pywhois for retrieving WHOIS information
• Port scanner in Python
• Having fun with OS.Walk in Python
• Using the CSV module in Python
• Socket Programing with python
• Database operation with with Python
• Login to Gmail using python
• tracking external IP address
• Tracking web resources
• Working with remote API
• Json parsing from object and URL
For further queries about the admission, feel free to call us on 0552239282 / Email us @
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