Import Executive - International Purchases

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January 7, 2017
UAE » Dubai
The Purchasing Officer/Import Executive is responsible to plan imports, assess suppliers, products, negotiate, make orders, identify products and transfer information on distribution in accordance with the sales plan of the company and follows-up the payments to suppliers for imported goods. 1.    Conduct research to ascertain company is dealing with the best products and suppliers in terms of best value, delivery schedules, terms and quality of products in its purchases. 2. Identifying potential suppliers on price, quality, service, support, availability, reliability, distribution capability, reputation and history; visiting existing suppliers, and building strong and consistent relations with all international and local suppliers, and intervene in the process as and when necessary. 3. Participate in the development of specifications for items, products or substitute materials in coordination with the distribution centres of the company internationally. 4. Prepare and process requisitions and purchase orders for products and items in advance; and present same for approval. 5. Review, evaluate, and approve specifications for issuing and awarding bids. 6. Review, evaluate, negotiate and agree contracts always monitoring their progress, checking the quality of service provided and finalize the negotiations upon the confirmation of the General Manager. 7. Prepare final purchase order, submit purchase order to suppliers and collect Proforma invoice; ensure the receipt of the import permits, signatures and other documentation required before shipment ordering to suppliers. 8. Follow up, agree and distribute information on shipment schedule, date of shipment, estimated time of arrival, processing and retrieval of documentations to all concerned within the company. 9. Collect copies of bills of shipment at time of shipment including the originals from the suppliers and/or his representing banks on time; and dispatch to the concerned personnel for fast processing. 10.C oordinate on the document receipt and dispatch to 11.   Processing payments and invoices to suppliers in accordance with the company policy. Collect transfer payment evidences and send scanned copy to suppliers and receive confirmation of receipt. 12.   Ensure that funds are available for all due purchase payments and coordinates with the Finance Department for the timely payment. 13.   Ensure that there is smooth flow of purchases to guarantee stock levels at all times in accordance with the monthly purchase plan of the company and follows up its execution. 14.   Exerts all effort possible to avoid the payment of demurrages and keep terminal payments at the minimum. 15.   Arrange for the CNCA and other documentation as may be required by branch offices in accordance with the clearing procedures. 16.   Review purchase order claims and contracts for conformance to company policy and resolve any grievances, and claims against suppliers. 17.   Prepare reports and statistics regarding market conditions, merchandise costs, price trends and their impact on future activities. 18.   Maintain records of goods ordered and received, keeps contract files and using them as reference for the future. 19.   Maintain and supervise the activities of the documentation clerks regarding the importation of goods and make sure that processes are timely… 20.   Assist in the Development and implementation of purchasing and contract management instructions, policies, and procedures.