IT Manager Required

Additional Benefits:
January 3, 2017
UAE » Dubai
IT MANAGEREssential Qualifications:• Bachelor’s degree in IT or related field
• Technical certification or proficiency in Core Products
• Strong professional recommendations
• 3-5 years technical support experience
• High English communication skills. Arabic is a plus but not a must.
• Friendly and positive attitude.
• Follow the high standards of communication skills.
• Taking the responsibility and delivering the best results for the team and the company.Job Purpose• Responsible for all the IT equipment and records (phones, mobiles, access, laptops, CCTVs, TVs etc… serial numbers, internet connection etc.)
• Responsible in ensuring that everyone has IT equipment required as mobile, laptop, phone and that you keep an updated record of them.
• The main landline and connection are under will be your responsibility and any problems and communication with the provider is under your responsibility.
• Responsible to all the emails and request of new phone numbers for new joiners.
• You shall look after the connection of the properties and so the compliances with any license request, so CCTVs etc.
• Perform and promote the use of inexpensive channels such as what’s up and BBM.
• Rule out of new projects and ensure that everyone follow it
• Ensure the connection of all the devices and update track of them
• Supervising all the issues and develop webpages/site for new companies ensure that the contents are in line with company guidelines
• Sending blueprint and comply with market most up to date technology
• Monitor the effectiveness and status of all devices and system
• Implement the system with new designed software
• Availability 24/7
• Presents professional appearance and attitude at all times, and maintains a high standard of customer service.
• Providing safety information for all the users
• Spotting hazards and preventing accidents in misusage of company devices and connection.
• Maintain in a safe place the dismissed devices or on hold devices.
• Control and report unruly behaviour and evict individuals not adhering to behaviour protocols.
• Assist talents in IT requirements