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January 8, 2017
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MEAT PRODUCTION MANAGER JOB DESCRIPTION:Jmm Meats are currently looking to add a Production Manager to our Operations to head our new meat production plant. Under the direction of the MD, Corporate Chef and Sales Manager the Production Manager plans, directs and effectively administers the day to day production activities within the Operations Department. Drives alignment and focus on development, implementation, and management of effective operational strategies, goals, and objectives with day to today activities in the areas of Safety, Quality, Delivery, Performance Management, Professional Development, and Cost. Ensures that Jmm Meats customer, both food service & and retail, are continuously receiving quality products & service while maintaining a safe, effective and harmonious work environment.MANAGEMENTRESPONSIBILITIES:•Understand, communicate, and share Company vision throughout division/organization and provide cross-functional perspective, direction, and support.
•Drive Company focus, manages culture, encourage the strong work ethic, and foster an environment of trust and respect.
•Solicits creative ideas of others and projects accurately how ideas may play out
•Provide leadership and personal support; coach, guide, nurture and develop the right people
•Sets an example by demonstrating a high level of customer service.
•Develop and lead with a sense of urgency.
•Communicate and support Company policies and decisions in a positive manner
•Provide employees with a safe, comfortable, and rewarding work environment
•Must be action oriented; enjoy working hard; Hands on, results driven; can be counted on to exceed goals and persevere.
•Ability to make good decisions in a timely manner based on a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience and judgment.
•Must be able to use rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult problems with effective solutions; can see hidden problems.
•Use Management by planning methods to set and achieve KPI’s and department goals.
•Develops department and individual performance plans in alignment with Company goals and objectives; communicates clearly defined individual and group objectives.
•Ability to plan difficult tasks and projects by setting goals and objectives; breaks down work into process steps; develops schedules and tasks/people assignment; measures performance against goals; evaluates results.
•Develop group and individual performance plans in alignment with Company goals and objectives; communicate clearly defined individual and group objectives; maintain level of productivity in unit
•Train employees to do their job; set standards for work performance
•Monitor performance and provide feedback to direct reports through formal and informal performance feedback; regularly communicate with staff to achieve mutual understanding and desired results
•Recognize and address performance strengths and limitations of subordinates
•Hold subordinates accountable for performance.
•Manage employee attendance to ensure compliance with Company standards; approve/monitor overtime
•Conduct team meetings with department employees; includes monthly safety topic
•Creates and environment where employee are encouraged to challenge themselves to meet goals
•Handle employee issues, concerns, and complaints in an objective and confidential manner
•Prepares and monitors department’s budget
•Must be positive hands-on results-oriented leader.
•Must have full knowledge of processing plant equipment and preventative maintenance procedures.
•Must have extensive knowledge of ingredients and mixes used for operations.
•Must have high standards of personal integrity and ethics.
•Capable of organizing and communicating information effectively to all levels.
•Proven ability to lead, manage, motivate and develop direct reports.
•Has the ability to build effective relationships at all levels. Treats all people with respect.
•Solid understanding of unit operations, process capabilities, quality, regulatory affairs, planning and food safety.
•Ability to set measurable goals and assign objectives to meet those goals.
•Possesses the ability to work through people by setting objectives, assessing performance, providing candid feedback and holding people accountable.
•Ability to create and support a team based environment across the operation.POSITION REQUIREMENTS:•Bachelors Degree in Food Science preferred but not required, depending on experience.
•Must have demonstrated working knowledge of meat manufacturing processes with a minimum of 5 yrs. experience in a large scale manufacturing role in the meat industry working with complex formulations.
•Must have three to five years of related Supervisory / Management experience.
•Additional experience in scheduling is preferred.
•Must possess leadership ability and team building skil
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January 10,2017