Software Engineering Manager (UWP) - $120K (Remote)

Additional Benefits:
December 24, 2016
Employment status
Full Time
UAE » Dubai
If you are an elite Software Engineering Manager with Universal Windows Platform expertise eager to gain unprecedented visibility to the top technology companies throughout the globe, employ your technical and managerial skills to oversee cutting-edge software in a high-intensity environment, and earn $120,000 USD per year while working from virtually anywhere on the planet, this job is for you. The Company: Crossover is a well-funded startup that has developed a unique way to find, curate and manage the top 1% of global talent – and connect them to medium and large businesses. We are experiencing rapid growth within the companies we currently serve and are increasing our staff to expand our business. Brick and mortar offices are history. The future of our global workforce will consist of teams collaborating from every corner of the world. Our platform connects customers to the world’s best talent for both technical and non-technical contracting. But we don’t just find the best; we also provide the software tools, training, and expert management to ensure success for long-term growth. Job Description: Crossover is looking for Software Engineering Managers with UWP experience who demonstrate outstanding managerial skills as well as the technical background to deeply understand the code their teams are developing. You will be expected to demonstrate both a mastery of the technical skills associated with the projects at hand, as well as the managerial ability to motivate, build, and monitor your team. Specifically, you will be responsible for overseeing from 4 to 6 teams of 3 to 4 individuals. You will own the process of breaking specifications created by the product management team into clear tasks and timelines, as well as assembling the results into high value, reusable components. Under your leadership, we expect to see consistent improvement in both static code quality metrics and weekly production. A successful UWP Software Engineering Manager at Crossover will demonstrate the following qualities: - Ruthless commitment to impeccable code quality - Deep understanding of a wide range of the latest technologies and architectural approaches - Advanced proficiency in C# programming language, related frameworks and best practices - The ability to make appropriate technical decisions, review design and code, and ensure best technical practices - Commitment to hands-on engagement as an individual within the team, despite managerial status - Willingness to embrace iterative development as the means for building seamless products - Perfectionism: knowing how a job should be done and not stop until it’s done correctly - Exceptional ability to effectively motivate and manage teams of individuals - Commitment to increasing efficiency in the workplace by continuously automating parts of the software engineering process - Excellent remote management skills (you will be using Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Docs, etc.)