Aqua Properties in Dubai

October 2, 2012
UAE » Dubai
Aqua Properties has been home of real estate's most experienced and professional agentssince the year 2004. Aqua Properties core strength lies in its expertise knowledge of the property market as well as its established relationships with investors and clients all over the world. As the Dubai real estate market continues to grow Aqua Properties does so also. Its growing portfolio of property development projects and clientele is a sign of its growing success.

Through our exceptional customer service, which is the basis of our firm, we continue to grow our client base across the globe with people who trust us on choosing their investment decisions. We offer a variety of services unlike the usual norm of just being a broker; transacting to buy and sell. We offer an integrated property solution, addressing the needs of the consumer’s solutions through quality streamline service.

With a team of 30+ consultants, Offering bi-lingual with 10+ languages, representative agents of Major developers, AQUA has accomplished sales of over 5 projects successfully, resulting in selling over 1000 units in a very short span of 1 year.
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