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October 6, 2018
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Are you looking for an advanced java course in Dubai?.. Get enrolled at MCTC Dubai today! Take your programming skills to the next level and start building real applications. During our training, our experts will help you to learn from java basics to advanced level through complete practical sessions with affordable cost.
Our course contents includes:
• Introduction to web application concepts
• HTTP Protocol
• Servlet basics
• Servlet life cycle
• Extending HTTP Servlets
• Content type setting in servlets
• Servlet config interface
• Servlet context interface
• Servlet to database communication
• Applet to servlet communication
• Servlet to servlet communication
• Redirection
• Session tracking
• Filters in web applications
• Servlet listeners
• Security in web applications
• Exception handling in servlet
• File uploading in Servlet
• File Downloading in servlet
• Why JSP?
• Differences between servlet and JSP
• What is a JSP?
• JSP call back methods
• JSP Tags or JSP Elements
• Scripting tags
• Directive tags
• Standard tags
• Custom tags
• JSP configuration
• Attributes in JSP
• JSP Expression Language
Java Database Connection
• JDBC Introduction
• Basics of sql.
• JDBC Driver
• DB Connectivity Steps
• Connectivity with MySQL
• Connection Statement
• ResultSet
• Prepared Statement
• ResultSet MetaData
• Database MetaData
• Store file
• Retrieve file
• Callable Statement
• Transaction Management
• Batch Processing
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