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December 18, 2016
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Arab Center for Economic Studies

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About Arab Center

The Arab Center consists of two sectors:-
1. Economic Feasibility Studies Centre.
2. Human resource consulting Centre

1- Economic and Feasibility Studies Centre.

Some entrepreneurs don’t care about obtaining feasibility studies unless its required for getting finance. This is not scientific way of thinking as it is important to prepare feasibility study for any new project to identify the weak points (futuristic view). It also helps to identify the strong points to be fully utilized. If you don’t have a project feasibility study, you had better not to start or risk it

What is feasibility study?
It is an outline to the project objectives and a work plan to achieve these objectives and the way to assess the most likely problems and how to be dealt with such problems. It is identified as a scientific way to assess the success possibilities of an investment idea before the actual implementation according to how the project or the investment idea will meet specific goals to the investor. Therefore, the economic feasibility study is considered a practical tool to avoid risks and losses whereas such study is done prior to any investment decision as it precedes the operational processes. Thus, Economic Feasibility Study is the mean on which suitable investment decision is based on to meet the ultimate goals.

Feasibility study stages
Feasibility Study is divided into:-

1. Technical study: which includes:
• The Project Idea
• Basic assumptions creating the project idea.
• Project inputs
• Work, operational methods and productive art of the project.
• Products & relationship with suppliers and external parties.
• Total number of finance that the project needs
• The most likely visions for the project success.

2. Market studies
• Analyzing the market volume and current indicators and field specificity of the project.
• Analyzing the project clients and how to attract them
• Current status of competitors
• Expected movements of competitors before starting a project
• Competitors sales at starting a project.
• Expected sales
• Distribution channels
• Marketing ideas rendering success to project products and insuring customers initiation

3. Financial studies
• Required items for project assessment balance
• Analyzing Break Even Point (profits balance with expenses)
• How to calculate the basic financial records and how to keep it at specific levels such as keeping money fluid and capital profit.
• How to deal with debts and available loan resources
• How to calculate and hire the product elements like labor, equipment and real-estate leases
• Expected financial status of the project in the short 0 medium and long terms

4. Administrative study

• Strategic work plan
• Formal procedures and technical requirements … etc.
• How to get the required licenses
• Research, analysis and determining the suitable location for the project set up.
• Project management techniques
• Organizational structure of the project.
• Levels and job authorities for every location.
• Identifying the required needs from each employee with cost and job description.

5. Appendixes

• Designs and drawings of the project.
• Charts indicating expected sales numbers within the project years
• Basic data about places attracting customers
• Charts indicating competitors shares in the market …etc.

Our customers
• Businessmen and investors
• Companies and organizational charts
• Khalifah Fund for Enterprise Development
• Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD)
• Ministry of Education
• Public, semi-public, private, regional and international organizations

Agencies where such studies to be submitted to :-
Studies to be submitted to Khalifa Fund Supporting Small and Medium Enterprises (Khalifa Fund )
Studies to be submitted to Mohamed Bin Rashid Organization supporting Youth Enterprises. (Dubai SME) .
• Studies to be submitted to Saud Bin Sakr Program supporting Youth Enterprises.
Studies to be submitted to Sharjah Establishment supporting Leading Projects (Ruwad Establishment).
• Studies to be submitted to Supreme Establishment of Specialized Economic Areas
• Private Studies to be submitted to investors and businessmen.
• Studies to be submitted to ministries, companies, organizations, economic agencies, formal and semi-formal agencies and local, regional and international organizations.

Second: HR consultancies

HR systems aim at keeping the employees updated with all work environment sides and urging them to contribute and be engaged in the public strategies for their work.

The significant services rendered by the Arab Center according to this framework :-
• HR Strategies
• Management Systems and skills development
• Performance evaluation systems
• Job analysis, developing job description cards and job assortment
• Salaries investigation studies and restructures
• The spirit of teamwork with the employees, organizational chart and restructure.
• Internal policies and procedures
• Labor outline and arranging job titles
• Job design and writing job description
• Selection and employment
• Compensation and benefits
• Employees self-records

Main services of Arab Center

• Consultancy & Economic Feasibility studies
• Management consultancy reports
• HR development consultancy
• Projects management
• Strategic Work plans
• Evaluation of existing and new projects
• HR development and training
• Business promotion
• Restructuring of insolvent companies
• Business setup
• Investment opportunities
Contact Us:
Arab Center for Economic Studies
Tel: 00971 2 49100 96
Fax: 00971 2 49100 97
P.O.Box: 105678 Abu Dhabi, U.A.E
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December 18,2016
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