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October 4, 2018
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We build your career with live PHP MVC course at MCTC Dubai, from the industry experienced expert trainers through pure hands on. Get enrolled today and learn from scratch to advanced level PHP. Course content includes:
*Introduction to PHP
*PHP Basics
*Variables in PHP
*Constants in PHP
*Control Structures
*Include Functions
*Regular Expressions
*Object Oriented Programming in PHP
*Installing CodeIgniter
*Application Architecture
*MVC Framework
*Basic Concepts
*Basic Configuration & Setup.
*Controller, Model, and View creation.
*Performing basic database queries using Query Builder.
*DB Query Helper Methods
*Using methods in views
*Creating custom controllers
*Creating a model and a database
*Creating the users controller and creating a user model method
*Processing a result from a model in a controller
*Transferring data to viewsLibraries
*Error Handling
*File Uploading
*Sending Email
*Form Validation
*Session Management
*Cookie Management
*Common Functions
*Page Caching
*Page Redirection
*CodeIgniter Methods
*CodeIgniter Helper
*CodeIgniter Library
*CodeIgniter URL Routing
*CodeIgniter HooksCI Passing Parameters
*CodeIgniter Driver
*Adding JS and CSS
*Report Generation.

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