One on One Guitar Classes

May 2, 2015
UAE » Dubai
If you know your alphabets you can make a word.
If you know more words you can make a sentence.
If you know good grammar and a number of sentences you can write a paragraph or a book!
If you want to learn the language of music… I do not think I need to spell out anything

Learn guitar music lessons via the Gibson method!!!

What you will learn:
Read tablature
Read and write music
Music material sheets to help you practice
Video and mp3 files to practice along with.

Basic fundamentals up to wherever you want to go...

What I need:
Dedication and serious practice.
You should have a computer and a usb to copy the study files.
Class will be on Friday/Saturday (Email me your preferences)
You will have to lug your guitar to my place(Karama)
Tuitions are given from the heart therefore the rates are affordable!!!

Have A Beautiful Day!!!
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