Your certified personal trainer

April 22, 2014
UAE » Dubai
Hello gym lovers I'm a certified personal trainer from : 1-IFBB weight training prescription specialist 2-IFBB sports nutrition 3-EBBF weights trainer I'm a freelancer coach in several gym/fitness clubs in dubai , i'll help you reach your goal whither itis : 1 - gaining or losing weight 2 - building muscle / losing fat 3 - increasing your stamina/strength 4 - lowering cholesterol level 5 - regulating blood pressure 6 - saving joints from any injury by building stronger muscle fibers 7 - General health All that can be done by steady steps on the right way , Stop wasting more time waiting for the results I'll help you by personal training sessions for very affordable prices i can train you in your gym/fitness club/house gym or i'll suggest few gyms that have the ( machines/free weights/cardio area ) for an affordable fees , including arranging your nutrition plan which is a very essential to achieve the wanted goal and including the supplements recommendations for your needs For any further informations feel free to call me on this number 0558357399 or contact by an sms or WhatsApp and i'll reply asap then let's take better selfie ;) Coach M.Munaf
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